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De-Clutter for Spring

De-Clutter for Spring

Flowers are blooming and Spring is right around the corner. Are you ready to start your Spring cleaning? It is a tradition that allows us to eliminate clutter and discard things we no longer need. Living clutter free means more than organizing your living space; it also consists of eliminating mental clutter. When you organize your belongings, you will find that it adds order to your life and, in turn, helps with the mental clutter.

Clutter depletes your energy and sabotages your efficiency. You become paralyzed and stuck, unable to make healthy decisions and create healthy habits. Clearing clutter from your life allows you to focus on your priorities and achieve your goals, making you happier and healthier. An uncluttered living space helps to define an uncluttered life.

Begin the de-cluttering process by starting with your closets. Having a well-organized closet is a great investment that will pay off every single morning when you get dressed. Spring is the perfect time to start the de-cluttering process because you are changing out Winter clothing for Spring and Summer clothing.

Studies show that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Start by identifying everything you did not wear this Winter. If you did not wear it this year, you probably won’t in the future, especially clothing items that do not fit properly!

Put them into two piles: donate and sell. Fortunately, we live in the age of Craigslist, eBay® and consignment stores, and couldn’t everyone use a little extra money these days? I also believe it is good for the soul to donate what you can.

When eliminating things and thoughts that no longer serve you, you will be reclaiming your space, organizing your surroundings, and clearing your mind. By doing this, you will reduce stress and it will free you up to create your ideal life!

by Mardi Allen, Life Coach

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Understanding Women’s Fear

Understanding Women’s Fear

Women fear men. Consider this scenario: from opposite ends of a street two strangers step out for a solitary after dinner stroll. Down the deserted lane, the man sees a lone woman walking towards him. What are his thoughts? What emotions are triggered? Perhaps he thinks about work, or he may speculate about what the woman looks like, but no dark emotions stir. She is not perceived as a threat.

But is the experience the same for the woman? At the other end of the darkening street, the woman spots the man and immediately begins assessing options. Should I hold my keys like a weapon? Should I cross the street? Turn around and go the other way? What if he follows me? Can I run faster if I kick my shoes off? Will anyone hear me scream? Her apprehension builds as they approach, her eyes focused on the ground in front of her. She walks past the man, heart pounding, and risks a glance over her shoulder. Thank God, he’s not following me.

The man is simply enjoying the cool evening. He feels no anxiety, no fear, and is completely unaware of the impact he had on the woman he just passed.

Most men cannot understand how differently women perceive the world. To assume you may be attacked any time you cross a dark parking lot. To worry that a man might break into your home and sexually assault you. To avoid eye contact with strangers lest they misinterpret a glance and follow you. To avoid angering male coworkers and partners. All of the daily rituals women do to minimize the risk of violence.

The failure of men to understand the women’s perspective is problematic because our relationships with women are based on foundations of fear instead of trust and respect— not the best footing for a quality relationship.

Every interaction that we have with women serves to convince them that we are either to be trusted or feared. If our daily goal is to convince the women in our lives that we are not a threat, how should we behave? Do we realize that raised voices, ominous glares, and sullen silences are more than just expressions of anger, that they are threats, and proof that we are unworthy of trust? Do our actions increase or decrease fear?

By behaving in non-threatening ways that build trust, we will enjoy deeper, more meaningful relationships. And never forget that our sons and our daughters learn from us how men are supposed to act.

Mark Sandel is an Associate Professor of Social Work in the College of Arts and Sciences at TWU. He welcomes comments or suggestions for future columns at

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Hair 2009…It’s Your Mane Accessory

Hair 2009…It’s Your Mane Accessory

Confessions of a shopaholic… Don’t we wish. In today’s uncertain economy, planning your spring wardrobe can be disheartening to say the least. If shopping is not in your budget you can still embrace the 2009 fashion trends without breaking the bank.

As owner of a hair salon, I have seen first hand the recent financial struggles of our clients. The effects of the fallen economy have forced us to approach fashion differently. At HeadRush Salon we feel maintenance of our clients’ hair is not a luxury it’s a necessity to keep them looking and feeling beautiful.

We understand budgets have changed. Our staff has embraced this change and has utilized knowledge and talent to approach the budget issue to keep our client’s out of chop shops and drugstores for home color. Skillfully taking a client from high maintenance highlights to a stunning global color can lengthen time between appointments and save money at the salon. Consistently learning new techniques, our stylists will execute fashion forward haircuts that look fresh and can easily be replicated at home. To keep our clients looking their absolute best, HeadRush Salon hosts styling classes at no charge and discounts products and styling tools purchased during those classes. And as always, we offer complimentary bang trims for our clients to prolong hairstyle maintenance.

If a shopping spree is not in your budget this season, don’t despair. Integrating cost effective techniques with high style is key for embracing the fashion trends this year. We invite you to experience our salon and allow our stylists to make your hair your MANE fashion accessory this year.

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Is There Any Hope?

Is There Any Hope?

In 1927, the Navy lost the submarine USS S-4 in a collision with the Coast Guard cutter USS Paulding. The first divers to reach the submarine on the ocean floor exchanged signals with the men trapped inside. With stormy seas causing repeated delays, the divers could not make the hose connection until it was too late. The last communication from the men trapped inside tapping on the hull in Morse code was the question: “Is there any hope?”

After hearing the nightly newscast, we may ask the same question. Besides the general news, our personal concerns about marriage, finances, children, job security, and various relationships can leave us feeling hopeless as well. It is estimated that we can live about 40 days without eating food; 4 days without water or other liquids; and about 8 minutes without breathing air – but we cannot really live at all without HOPE!

We need to know that there is hope for our future – something real and genuine to build our lives upon. It is this kind of hope that Peter was reminding his readers of when he wrote about the “reason of the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). Because the powerful truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ had radically transformed his life, Peter’s hope was not in anything subject to change. If we place our trust, our hope, in political leaders, the economy, finances, relationships, or positions we hold or aspire to hold, we are on shaky ground. Because the Son of God promised a unique peace (not the absence of conflict or problems) that is an inside job, His followers are hopeful in the most desperate of times.

The 42nd Psalm details four encouraging reasons for those looking to God as our source of life and peace to be filled with hope at all times.

GOD IS WITH US (v. 2) We forget about God being a person and think of Him as just some being “out there” instead of a personal, living being in us!! His very presence in our lives reminds us that we are not alone as we face the future.

GOD’S FACE IS TOWARD US (v. 5) Like children longing for the attention of a parent, as long as we know He is watching we are filled with joy.

GOD’S STRENTH IS WITHIN US (v. 6) God has both the power to change circumstances or change us no matter what is happening.

GOD’S LOVINGKINDNESS WATCHES OVER US (v.8) God’s love and care for us never changes whether we are up or down.

We are a needy people, but we need not be hopeless in this life or the life to come. When we are anchored to the Creator of heaven and earth, the Creator of our very lives, there is always reason to have hope!

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Animals Need a Bail-Out, Too

Animals Need a Bail-Out, Too

Our four-legged friends do not know what a financial crisis is, but they feel the effects of the current economy nonetheless. Shelters and foster home groups report staggering numbers entering their already maxed-out programs, with some facilities experiencing as much as a 44% increase. The Denton Humane Society reports an unprecedented amount of calls from individuals in need of food, financial and medical assistance, and help in re-homing pets, while also coping with a major decrease in donations.

The individual stories are heartbreaking, from animals left behind when their families were evicted, to those with jobless owners who struggle to feed them. The problems feel overwhelming, especially when we all feel the financial strain. However, there are simple things you can do to make a difference.

Get creative. Clean out closets and host a garage sale to benefit animals. Donate a month’s worth of spare change. Save money from lattes and brown bag it for lunch a few days a week, giving the money to the needy animals instead. Request that friends and family members make a donation to animal charities in lieu of birthday gifts. Set up an animal donation bank in your company’s break room, or organize a bake sale at work, school, or church.

Start a food drive. Establish a pet food collection box at work, school, or church, or ask your favorite merchant to set one up at their place of business. Recruit your child’s class, church youth group, or local Boy and Girl Scouts to collect food as well. Pick up an extra bag of dog or cat food each time you grocery shop, and drop it off for animals in need.

Every contribution counts. A donation of time is an invaluable gift for animals, and animal groups are always in dire need of volunteers and foster homes. New or gently used blankets, towels, animal crates, and other pet supplies are also greatly appreciated.

Remember rescue. Adopt a rescued animal the next time you add a pet to the family, and make sure all your companion animals are spayed and neutered. For more information on how you can help the animals during this economic crunch, contact the Denton Humane Society, at 940-382-PETS, visit, or the animal charity of your choice.

by Laurie Griffin

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