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Current Issue January/February 2011

Current Issue January/February 2011

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Happy New Year Denton!
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- Just Say Ahh…Superbowl Edition

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Just Say Ahh…

Just Say Ahh…

by Taryn McColpin

Ahh, here we are in 2011…The holidays are over, New Year’s celebrations have come and gone, the bills are rolling in, but what a lot of Texans are lamenting is the looming end of football season.  (Of course, for Cowboys fans, the season was pretty much over in October, but that’s another story.)

We did have a great baseball season, with Your Texas Rangers finally going to the World Series as the AL Champions.  And the Mavs and Stars are enjoying winning seasons, as of this writing. The biggest news for Denton was two of our hometown high school football teams going to State Championships, representing our city with a whole lot of heart, and making us all proud.

It’s a puzzle as to why football is so big in Texas…Is it because EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas?  Is it because Texas (and much of the South) still promote young men being strong and competitive? Is it because there was such a large number of football players in the 70’s who were from Texas that people in Texas think every high school game could have a player who will be the next big thing? Is it the Cowboys Mystique?

This year, the Super Bowl will be played at Cowboys Stadium, aka Jerry World, or as the sports radio station The Ticket calls it, the Death Star.  It has indeed been deathly for the Cowboys this year, with a home record of 2-6, and someone heard Jerry say he built a billion dollar party tent where we can celebrate our losses. Since the Super Bowl “home team” this year will be the NFC Champions, it might be a good bet to wager against them, since their “home stadium” will be the Death Star.

Some interesting facts about the Super Bowl: No network footage exists of Super Bowl I. It was taped over, supposedly for a soap opera. Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest U.S. food consumption day, following Thanksgiving, with most of those munchies being guacamole (8 million pounds!) and chips.

Super Bowl Sunday is also the 8th biggest beer-selling occasion in our country. More drivers are involved in alcohol-related accidents on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year (except St. Patrick’s Day), according to the Insurance Information Institute. Six percent of Americans call in sick the Monday after Super Bowl, and on that same Monday, antacid sales increase by twenty percent.

The NFL pays for up to 150 rings for the winning Super Bowl team at $5,000 apiece, and (how sportsmanlike of them!) 150 pieces of jewelry for the losing Super Bowl team, each costing up to half the price of the Super Bowl ring.  Jostens, with a facility right here in Denton, is the manufacturer of 28 of the Championship jewelry lines.

It used to be that the Super Bowl, and football in general, was a man’s game, and the womenfolk took that Sunday opportunity to go shopping or have a girl’s day out.  Nowadays, females make up to 44% of the NFL fan base, so we do our own share of beer drinking and commercial watching in front of the TV that evening.

Given the consumer-driven excess that day, while we can’t cheer for our poor Cowboys this year, we can still take heart in the knowledge that we are giving our poor economy a boost.  So on February 6th, cuddle up in front of the fire (or the AC, as the case may be here in Texas) and enjoy Dallas’ first entry into the Super Bowl record books. Maybe we can set a new record for guacamole eating!

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$1 Million Raised

$1 Million Raised

Toward New Denton Animal Shelter

Denton Animal Shelter Foundation, Inc. (DASF) announced that the total funds raised toward the new Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center has reached $1.0 million.  “We are halfway to our capital campaign goal of $2.0 million,” said Bette Sherman, DASF Chairman and Co-Founder, “which is a significant accomplishment.”  The foundation must raise all of their goal before construction can begin on the new Denton facility.

Recently, Jim McNatt of Corinth gave DASF a $500,000 donation to name the new building in honor of his wife, Linda, which brought total donations up to over $900,000.  Then, an additional $100,000 donation was made by Don and Nancy Reed to name the Cat Adoption Room in memory of Nancy’s mother.  The Reed’s donation placed DASF over the $1.0 million mark.

The city has informally committed $3.0 million toward the project if DASF can raise the additional $2.0 million.  A target date has been set for January, 2012, to begin the construction process.  The new city facility would house Denton Animal Control as well as the adoption and care center funded by DASF.   Volunteers would continue to staff the adoption areas.

The current shelter at 300 Woodrow Lane was built in 1979 in a flood plain.  It will handle over 4,600 abandoned and abused pets in 2010 with a maximum capacity of 114 animals.  It serves Denton with two major universities, Corinth, Krum, Roanoke and all of unincorporated Denton County.  The total population served by the shelter is 250,000 people and still growing.

DASF has initiated and funded several new adoption programs, raised community awareness of the shelter, and provided volunteers.  However, further progress requires a new updated facility in an attractive location.  The city purchased six acres for the new shelter near North Lakes Park.

“The next $1.0 million will be a challenge to raise,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Pete Kamp, DASF Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder; “therefore, we are asking the community to consider this project in their holiday gift-giving.”  Tax-exempt donations can be made in honor or in memory of family, friends, business associates, pets, groups, or others.  An acknowledgment will be sent as specified by the donor.

Donations can be made online (credit cards accepted) or by mail.
For more information, or to donate:
DASF, PO Box 486, Denton 76202

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From 1940 to Present

From 1940 to Present

by Lauren McKelvey

While the economic situation of today resembles that of the 1940s, so do the fashion trends.  With the classic look of elegance rejuvenated to fit today’s modern trends, there will be basics, neutrals, and pearls –and a lot of them.  Alfred Hitchcock continually shows his influence on fashion from his sexy and suspenseful films of the 1940s.  Through his starring roles, he developed fashion icons that became prominent in leading ladies and abundant in constrained tweed suits complete with gloves, structured handbags, and other necessities.

This winter season, the elegance and starkness of the 1940s is seen in immense profusion within the fashion scene.  Trends reign across all aspects of fashion but seem to focus on the “classic” look established in the ‘40s and references to Chanel’s always-fashionable Little Black Dress.  Of course, the 1940s look would not be near as accepted and sported today if it was not redesigned and modernized with the use of jewels, metallics, and tailored suits that show off the desirable hourglass figure.

The colors this season will be of a neutral palette including mostly camel tones and blacks and grays that add a touch of masculinity to timeless trends.  The saying “back to basics” seems to be a popular one this winter with the overwhelming use of neutral tones and basic pieces of clothing accessorized to appear more luxurious and high fashion.  This focus on accessories is evident through the presence of structured handbags, gloves of all types, pearls, and neutral pumps.

To achieve the 1940s of today look of elegance and affluence try pairing a basic dress or plain tailored suit with some classic-style accessories.  For the fashion-conscious, the simple pearl necklace or pair of neutral pumps will complete the look.  The more fashion-daring shopper should try sporting a wide brim hat or driving gloves to make any outfit classic-chic.

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Smart electronics on vehicles

Smart electronics on vehicles

by Reese Gray

They are becoming a way of life.  More automobile manufacturers are equipping new autos so they match up with applications on today’s smart phones. Motorists can be just a jingle away from pushing a button to automatically start their car or check its fluid levels.

The 2011 Volt, the all-electric vehicle from General Motors, is equipped with its own application. It enables the driver, or preferably the passenger, to get directions, order stuff online, check in with friends on Facebook, identify songs being played on the radio, and look for nearby lodging and restaurants. Additionally, the application will allow motorists to track how much power and battery life the car has left, find a charging station and schedule the recharging of batteries.  IPhones using Google’s Android software means that GM has just the right app for you.

The Leaf electric by Nissan already has a similar wireless for smart phones, and it looks like this type of option may be headed for standard equipment.  Similar features are now being added to OnStar, GM’s satellite-tracking system for automobiles, which aids its drivers in time of need.

iQ Power, Chrysler’s touch screen power system, is being placed in its 200C four-door electric auto.  And also on the Chrysler scene, a new tracking system that will help locate stolen vehicles is being honed by engineers.

Warning systems for backing and self-parking electronics are almost old hat now with the first of these technologies emerging in the Lexus LX 460 in 2006. Now, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Toyota offer similar parking aids that have become common use accessories for drivers. Most cars have optional rear warning systems and computer readouts on pending engine and drive-train system problems.  Most also have read-outs on dates for needed vehicle service, a built-in compass and outside temperature readings.

Our cars are getting smarter and helping us keep up with the maintenance needs and giving us systems that help with better living options.

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not where’s the beef, but… what’s the beef?

by Reese Grey

I have been puzzled most of my adult life.  When cooking with what I typically label “hamburger meat,” I have never known what type to buy for different recipes AND I noted that most recipes simply call for “ground beef.”  As we all know, there are many more varied choices than just “ground beef.”

So I set out to unlock the mystery of what it is; and when do I cook with what type?  I found a taste test on this very subject had already taken place by Cook’s Country, so I tested their test.

Ground Chuck
It is cut from the shoulder and usually ranges from 15 to 20 percent fat.  Taste testers favor this meat for its “rich” flavor and “moist and tender” texture.  It is recommended as the best choice for burgers.

Ground Sirloin
Taste testers have praised ground sirloin as “tender and tasty.”  It is the best option for meatloaves and meat sauce (spaghetti) type dishes.  It is probably a bit too dry for burgers, even though it has good beef flavor.  It is cut from the mid-section of the animal near the hip and ranges in fat content from 7 to 10 percent.

Ground Round
Lean and tough, ground round comes from the upper leg and rump area of the cow.  Tasters rejected this selection as “gristly” and “typically lacking beef flavor.”  The fat content ranges from 10 to 20 percent.

Ground Beef
Any cut or combination of cuts can be labeled “ground beef,” so consistency is a problem.  Because ground beef can have as much as 30 percent fat, greasiness can be an issue.  Tasters noted it to be “mushy” with an overall “old boiled beef taste.”

There are a couple of other factors that need to be considered.  Cost, what you are willing to pay, and add-ins. For many recipes, what you are adding to the meat can make a BIG difference.  But generally, the basics of the taste test have been terrific in guiding when to buy what cuts and what to use them for.

I now have a basic guide and at least somewhat understand what these meats are…. Mission Accomplished.

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