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Current Issue May/June 2011

Current Issue May/June 2011

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Splash into Denton Water Works!
- Justin Fun Days
- Off the Beaten path: North Lakes Recreation Center
- Project Graduation: It’s More Than a Party…It’s a Celebration of Life

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Splash In and Chill Out

Splash In and Chill Out

Texas summers are hot and Denton Water Works Park is a great way to chill. The 17-acre water park opens the season with its four giant slides, a children’s play pool area, a tube river, volleyball court, outdoor amphitheater, party and picnic pavilions, concessions, and lots of green space!

You can choose your type of fun in the sun; splash, squirt and dribble around, slip’ n’ slide down a wild slide, ride the winding and ever moving river or lay back in a comfy lounge chair and soak up the rays. When that Texas heat begins to rise, we will undoubtedly be looking for ways to cool off. Luckily, Denton is home to one of the best water parks in the area.

Denton Duck Derby

The Denton Parks Foundation is hosting the Second Annual Denton Duck Derby on June 4th, at Denton Water Works Park. The Duck Derby will raise money to help support park enhancements and recreation programs of Denton and encourage participation in those programs through scholarships.

Duck Derbys all over the country have proven to be a great way to draw the community together for a fun event and to raise money for a good cause.  Businesses can participate as sponsors and underwriters of the Denton Duck Derby.  Individuals can adopt ducks for participation in two races, a kids race and an adults race. Individually numbered rubber ducks will be dumped into the continuous river at the Denton Water Works Park.  The first ducks to cross the finish line will win prizes for their lucky adopted owners.

Come have fun, watch the race and cheer the ducks to the finish line at the Denton Water Works Park.  We will have live entertainment, opening ceremonies and much more during the Duck Derby benefiting the Denton Parks Foundation.

Water Works Park is located next to Denton Natatorium and Skate Works Park at 2400 Long Rd. off FM 428 (Sherman Drive), near Loop 288. Discount season passes are available until May 22 at Denton Civic Center or Denton Natatorium.  For more information, contact 940-349-8810.

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Justin Fun Day

Justin Fun Day

This event will be held on June 25th at the brand new Sports Complex in Justin, which the city is extremely excited about.  Justin Fun Day offers many activities throughout the day such as live entertainment, arts and crafts vendors, games for the kids, a carnival, and much more.  A Boot Run will kick off the event starting at 9:00 am.

There is a great lineup for entertainment, such as Ryan McDonald (local talent from Justin), 2 Steps Back, Keller Hicks Band, Two Door Ford, Jeff Allen and a few more to be announced at a later date.  Keller Hicks Band and Two Door Ford are both up-and-coming bands out of Fort Worth, combining hot guitar riffs with catchy lyrics. Jeff Allen, originally from Canton, has a new album “Raised on Gettin’ By” in stores now.

Justin Fun Day has been an annual event for many years and hosted by the Justin Business Association for the last three years.  This event helps to promote local and outside businesses, provide a safe, fun-filled, family atmosphere and heighten the awareness of the community by helping neighbors meet neighbors.  This is a rain or shine event.

Arts and craft vendors and sponsors are being sought as well as volunteers to help with the activities.  For more information, or to inquire about sponsorship, please contact Shani Ihnfeldt with the Justin Police Department at 817-528-0242 or email

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Take This to Heart

Take This to Heart

by Sharon Zieman, Editor

Lifestyles stats indicate that there is a 60-65 percent chance that you are a female who is reading this article.  Please read it, know it and take it to HEART.

Research indicates that women often experience new or different physical symptoms a month or more before experiencing heart attacks. Among 515 women studied, 95 percent said they knew their symptoms were different more than a month before experiencing their heart attack or Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI). The symptoms most commonly reported were unusual fatigue (70.6 percent), sleep disturbance (47.8 percent), and shortness of breath (42.1 percent) Indigestion (39 percent), Anxiety (35 percent).

Surprisingly, fewer than 30 percent even reported having chest pain or discomfort prior to their heart attacks, and 43 percent reported to have no chest pain during any phase of the attack. Most doctors, however, continue to consider chest pain as the most important heart attack symptom in both women and men.

Women’s symptoms are just not as predictable as men’s.  It is important not to miss the earliest possible opportunity to prevent or ease AMI, which is the number one cause of death in both women and men.

Studies show the major symptoms during the female heart attack include     pressure, fullness or a squeezing pain in the center of the chest, which may spread to the neck, shoulder or jaw; chest discomfort with lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath; fatigue. Some symptoms can even mimic a gastrointestinal illness.

Often when chest pains or other symptoms occur, most women are reluctant to call 911. Women often worry about being embarrassed if they’re not having a heart attack after all. But embarrassment will pass without causing long-term damage; a heart attack may not. Women react different and women experience different…in matters of the heart.

Editor’s Note:
To my sister Sandy, who wouldn’t give up when the symptoms didn’t make sense or fit in the “normal” mold.  We are abundantly blessed that you are recovering well and that you are alive to tell the story.  I hope your scary and amazing experience will provide life saving warnings and education for other women.

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Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

A path to better health and fitness is just west of Highway 77 in North Denton. North Lakes Rec Center, one of the City’five recreation centers, offers activities to area residents of all ages. Seniors in particular may want to look into the center’s SilverSneakers® fitness program.

SilverSneakers® is a nationwide program provided for free to those who are hold a policy with a participating health insurance company. Senior residents who are not in an accepted health plan may participate by purchasing a membership through the recreation center. By participating in this popular program, seniors of all physical levels are sharing the fitness benefits.

In the program’s Yoga Stretch class on Mondays and Fridays from 11:15 a.m. to noon, popular yoga moves are modified to fit all fitness levels. In a sunny room with a large mirror, participants begin in chairs and progress to standing positions. In the class, participants focus on breathing techniques, balance, coordination, strength building, and relaxation.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 11 a.m., the program offers a muscular strength and range of movement class (MSROM) and usually has participants of varied fitness levels and varied ages in the class. This class works to the beat of music and begins with an aerobic warm-up and stretching before moving into a resistance bands workout. Light-weight balls and hand weights follow, closing with sitting relaxation. MSROM is a large class, often numbering almost 40 people, and participants enjoy some lively social interactions, including a monthly pot luck luncheon where folks share their healthiest recipes and stories.

“I am really amazed and excited by the improvement in participants’ abilities after even a short time using our techniques,” says instructor Beverly Wollaston. Participants have shared wonderful reports of doctors reducing their medications, golfers lowering handicaps, and even losing the dependency of walking/stabilizing aides. Memory improvement, weight loss, diet awareness, and muscle toning are some other noted improvements.

To stay healthy and fit, check out all of the senior programs offered through City of Denton Parks and Recreation. For more information, please call 940-349-PARK (7275) or visit

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