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Put Some Prep in Your Step

Put Some Prep in Your Step
by Lauren McKelvey

Trends in men’s fashion have always been slow to change and lacking in individuality.  This season, any man can liven up the usual wardrobe with a few simple additions and changes that are easily achieved.  Men (and the women that shop for them), get ready to follow these easy steps to personalize your closet and brighten up the norm.

The first step for a better wardrobe involves the perfect shoe and really highlights the idea of “stepping into prep.”  The Sperry lies somewhere between a tennis shoe and a dress shoe and is the single most important element to a trendier outfit.  This shoe can either dress up a beach casual look or dress down a nicer khaki and blazer combination and can be found at a wide assortment of shoe stores or on their website.

Colorful khakis are one of the biggest trends for spring and a must-have for any guy looking to take his closet to the next level.  Colors range from vibrant reds, pinks, and greens to a subtler navy or shade of gray.  These khakis can be found at a variety of stores including Tommy Hilfiger and Gap and can be paired with an unlined blazer.  Unlined blazers are growing in popularity as the preppy look takes over and warmer weather sets in.  These blazers also come in a variety of colors but should be kept to a more neutral look with a basic undershirt if paired with some bright khaki pants.

Guys looking to go a little more casual should try sporting the classic short-sleeved plaid button down with a pair of flat front shorts.  These short-sleeved basics generally have a slim fit and should never be worn unbuttoned.  Find these casual basics at JCrew, Ralph Lauren, or any department store.  Just with these easy new clothing pieces, any man can be transformed into a fashion-conscious individual.

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