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January / February 2012 Issue

January / February 2012 Issue

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Just Say Ahh…

Just Say Ahh…

by Taryn S. McColpin
Ahh, the New Year….the old year is gone and, with it, the past, and there is the promise of a fresh start because the numbers on our calendars have changed.

The common factor in all New Year celebrations is hope for change: changes in ourselves, in our luck, in our financial or personal situations, in the world at large. That hope happens at different times, in different places, in different ways.

Because of the division of the globe into time zones, the January 1st New Year moves progressively around the globe, so what is new is still old to the West, and some cultures celebrate on other dates altogether. The Chinese New Year occurs every year on the new moon of the first lunar month, about four to eight weeks before spring. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, falling in the Hebrew month Tishrei, early in the fall. Korean New Year, Seollal, is the first day of the lunar calendar. Koreans also celebrate the solar New Year, but Koreans only get that one day off, while they have a minimum of three days off on lunar New Year, so it’s easy to guess which they prefer.

The New Year in many Southeast Asian countries is a Water Festival, held on the full moon of the 11th month of the lunisolar calendar. Traditionally, people gently sprinkled water on one another as a sign of respect, but as New Year falls during the hottest month in Southeast Asia, many people end up dousing strangers in their celebration (which makes one wonder if Texas shouldn’t have its own New Year during the summer, and adopt this same refreshing practice).

In America, television has made New Year’s a shared experience. Those who are not part of the one million or more squished into Times Square watch on TV as the 12,000 pound, 12-foot diameter Waterford crystal ball falls. Economic concerns are also universal; in order to have a clean slate on which to start the New Year, Americans in times past made certain that they had all their borrowings cleared, but those were the days before credit cards. Now many just make certain they have bought their Lotto tickets.

A common New Year’s theme around the world is the derision of politicians. In the Netherlands and Iceland, they are the butt of much satire and mockery on several December 31st TV shows, and in Ecuador elaborate effigies are created to represent political characters, and are lit on fire at midnight. (Here in the U.S., there is no need for effigies, as our politicians regularly self-combust.)

In France, tradition holds that people toast to the new year and drink till January 3rd. The French believe that it won’t be a good new year if they don’t drink up all the wine left last year. The tradition of drinking Champagne or sparkling wine has an unusual origin. In Spain, it is traditional to eat twelve grapes, one on each chime of the clock. This started in 1909 as a marketing ploy by the grape growers in Alicante, who thought it would be a great way to cut down on the large grape surplus they had that year. Nowadays, the tradition is followed by every Spaniard, and a lot of Latin Americans, and the sparkling wine modification is followed by most of the world. In Russia, they have a New Year’s Night beat-the-clock drinking game: while the clock is striking twelve, one must write a wish on a sheet of paper, burn it on a candle, mix the ashes in a glass of champagne, and drink it before the chimes cease striking.

So the new cycle of a fresh year starts at a different time in a different way for everyone, be it due to time zones or different dates or different cultures. That one tick of a clock, the slight movement of the hand from one second to the next, is the beginning of a new cycle for one person, and simply the passage of time for another.

Because it is all in our minds. That psychological fresh beginning, new leaf, clean slate can happen any minute of any day. All you have to do is believe: One cycle has ended, a new one has begun, and it is ours to make what we will of it.

Make this day your “New Year.” January 1st is past, but today can be the beginning of a new year of a better life…you only have to make the decision and take the first step, and the rest will follow.

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Resolutions to Make Me a Better Person

We look at our flaws, faults, bad habits, and failed ambitions, and resolve to do better in the future. But, while we all know New Year’s resolutions are far easier to make than they are to keep, it doesn’t stop us from promising ourselves a more successful, more productive and happier year than the last one.

A few years ago I came across a Top Ten list from some major publication and I have kept five of them that I feel are worthy of a serious relook and I always revisit them when the New Year rolls around. I would love to say I accomplish the full list each year, but I don’t. I do think the list is worthy of my efforts to keep working on. Of course “get fit” should be on all our lists so I will pass that one by with our mutual agreement that we need to do that.

Build Something / Fix Something

We know that not everyone is a skilled handyman, but learning some basic DIY has all sorts of advantages. First, it saves time and money if you can fix something yourself instead of hiring someone to do it for you. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a project, and it is also a pretty impressive skill to have.

Read a Book

How many great books have you heard about, but never actually picked up a copy? Make a point of knocking at least one title off your list this year. Not only will it make you a bit savvier, reading always improves your vocabulary. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, not only does reading enrich our lives, it can enrich the world around us. People who read for pleasure are more likely to visit museums and attend concerts, and almost three times as likely to perform volunteer and charity work. Readers are active participants in the world around them, and that is the best kind of person to be.

Make an Appointment for a Check-Up

Most adults are very bad about visiting their doctor/dentist for a check-up, reserving such appointments for their children only. By and large, most prefer to say nothing and hope that a problem goes away rather than be seen as a hypochondriac or weak, or perhaps fear of what the issue could possibly be. Others use the excuse of “I just don’t have the time.” This year is the time to change that and make an appointment.

Open a Savings Account

We can all do better with our personal finances. A small step would be to open a savings account, and put a percentage of your salary in each month, or whatever you can spare. Pretty soon you won’t miss the money you have saved, and it will gradually grow into the beginnings of a nest egg.

Help Someone Else

A great way to feel better about yourself is by helping those in need. You may not have lots of time to devote to this, but whatever you can do to help is worth doing. Whether that is volunteering in a soup kitchen or helping your elderly neighbor carry out her garbage each week, make this the year when you start thinking about making the world better for others.

As you can see the list is a concise little group of plans that I think could make me a better person. Can you imagine if we all made a serious stab at these five little things, the changes that would be made in our lives?

I have to go now and put my new James Patterson book back on the shelf and place a call to my doctor’s office…
I Wish You a very Happy New Year!

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HeadRush Make-Over Contest

HeadRush Make-Over Contest

Hairdressers are such fortunate people.  Every work day we are greeted by clients that want to come
see us.  They choose to come spend their time in our chairs so we can make them look their best.
A great number of these clients become our friends.  We talk about school, life, children, marriage,
divorce, you name it we hear it.  We often laugh with our clients and have even cried with them.
What rewarding job we have!  A recent client visited our salon for the first time.  When she left she had
tears in her eyes and proclaimed she felt so beautiful, “like a new person inside and out.” We have the
ability to transform someone’s look as well as lift their spirit.  That feeling to a hairdresser is the ultimate
compliment.   It didn’t take long for that story to spread across the salon and remind each hairdresser
exactly why we come to work each day.  One idea lead to another as we talked about the feeling of
giving someone a transformation and a the seed of giving back was planted.  To keep the spirit of
giving alive, HeadRush the Salon will hold a contest for 10 hair makeovers.  Anyone can write
to our salon or private message us on facebook and nominate someone who is deserving of a
makover during the month of January.  Each of our stylists will choose one nominee and give
them a hair makeover on February 6, 2012 from 6 pm to 9 pm.  It will be a night dedicated solely
to giving back and lifting spirits.

Denton, we ask you to nominate someone deserving of a complimentary makeover.  Mail us or
facebook private message us a 200 word or less summary of why they deserve the makeover along
with a picture of the nominee. Please include your name, address and phone number and the same
information of the nominee.   This contest is open to anyone 18 or over and does not have to be a
client of our salon. The winning names will be posted on our facebook HeadRush the Salon on
February 1, 2012 and each winner will be contacted by their stylist that same day.  Thank you Denton,
for making our jobs so much fun and allowing us to keep giving even after the holiday season is over!

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Stock Up for Spring

Stock Up for Spring

by Lauren McKelvey

A new year always brings new fashion trends and styles, and this year is no different because this spring season has a lot to offer. Explore this sneak peak into trendy spring fashions and get your shopping list ready so you can stock up early.

Spring trends will focus largely on colors and prints with a few innovative styles making their way to stores and the runway. As far as colors go, keep an eye out for tangerines and oranges, pastels and pinks. All shades of orange will be hot this season and will be present in all outlets of style. Pastels are the perfect spring color as they are seen on longer flowy dresses and skirts. Pink will also be a huge color for the season, but it will come with an interesting new style—the short suit. This suit will come in all shades of pink, along with other colors, and will feature different styles of blazers with coordinating shorts. The shorts can be all lengths—from super short and beachy to a longer, more business-like length.

Prints will also storm the runway in a huge way. From bold and bright to futuristic, we will be seeing it all. Colorful camo print will also be an interesting new look as we see the military influences in a bright new way that is perfect for the spring season. For the more daring, metallic fabric will also be an asset to the season’s trends as we see metallic pants, cropped jackets, and so much more.

Perhaps the most flattering style of all this coming season is the peplum look. For those who have not heard, the peplum look comes in a variety of styles and it simply features a flared ruffle that sits at the natural waistline. Not only is the waist defined and “pinched in,” but the ruffle also disguises the hips. This style is perfect for the body conscious who want to look feminine and chic. Peplum shirts can be casual or dressy and can be paired with dress pants, skirts, or even jeans. This extremely versatile and flattering style for the spring should be at the top of your shopping list—so stock up!

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Fresh Skin

by Carli Trest

We are not talking just about your face; we all tend to concentrate on our faces. The rest of the body skin needs attention to keep it youthful and fresh. There are plenty of old basics and some trendy adages for healthy fresh skin. Drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning, practice yoga, smile a lot, use only natural products, and of course keep stress levels low. Obviously all of these would be good for you. Whether they help your skin, your nature or your temperament, none of them can really be bad for you. But there are a few that are just no-brainers to help keep your skin fresh.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

A triple plus. Most people are mistaken that exercise is to be solely for keeping the body in shape. The fact is exercise will also help make your skin look younger and healthier. It will give good strong blood flow and that will help keep skin looking firm and young. It will also keep you fit and will keep you toned which can also help you avoid getting sagging skin. With proper exercise, you will get good sleep, which is one of the most essential habits for looking fresh and healthy.

Basic Care

Women all too often forget the smallest efforts of taking care of the skin, such as exfoliation. Routine exfoliating habits need to be as standard as brushing your teeth. When bathing, always make sure you scrub the dirt and dead skin cells off your body because good but gentle cleansing can add a youthful glow to your skin. Also, exfoliation is actually a good way to keep sensitive skin from developing problems.

Top off your bathing regime with a good hydrating cream or body moisturizer to keep your skin feeling fresh, soft, and squeaky clean. It is good to choose skin care products that are made from natural extracts of fruits or herbs, to save you from any harsh chemical reactions or allergies.

Load up on H2O

Hydration does not just mean slathering on moisturizer and other skin care products to keep your skin soft. The old rule of drinking eight glasses of water every day was established because it’s effective for the whole body. When you make water a regular part of your daily regime, you will be flushing out toxins and waste materials from your system, which will reflect on your skin. Remember, having a sound body does not only mean having smooth skin on the outside, but also a healthy and working system on the inside. You cannot give off a youthful glow if you are clogged with toxins, oils, and fats.

Keep the skin fresh and glowing to keep you fresh and glowing.

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