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Fall into Entertaining

Fall into Entertaining
by Jennifer Staggs-Manley, Interior Decorator, Decorating Den Interiors

As the leaves turn colors, the air cools, and school begins our attention turns to entertaining. Fall welcomes football and the holiday season. Each year, we are challenged to come up with unique decorating ideas for the various holidays. From birthdays to football parties, Halloween to Christmas, we search for something other than the same old balloons and ghosts, turkeys and garland to fill our tables. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about creative centerpieces and holiday decorating.

For a fall theme, you can hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with garden mums or tea lights. Use scooped-out pumpkins and colorful squash as dishes to hold dips and sauces.  Pine cones and brightly colored autumn leaves can be strewn among the dishes on a buffet table along with decorative gourds.  This theme will work straight through to Thanksgiving.

Even if you’re just having a few guests over to watch a football game, you can get creative with the decorating.  Paint a green table runner with yard lines in white acrylic paint, and use a football as a centerpiece.  Consider serving hot dogs and beer for the true stadium experience.

When the winter holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah are upon us, it’s time for candles and angels, poinsettias and pine trees.  You can bring a winter wonderland right into your home. Spray paint a small branch white, and before it dries, sprinkle it with clear or silver glitter.  Use this as an elegant centerpiece on a green or burgundy tablecloth.  Another easy idea is to collect small gold or silver glass ornaments in a crystal, gold, or silver bowl, and fill any spaces with metallic roses.  To add color to your table, use various sizes of glass vases, fill with fresh cranberries and water, then place a floating tea light on top. Keep in mind candles at the dinner table should never have a fragrances. This will give your centerpiece a beautiful pop of color.

Here’s wishing you a world of creativity in developing your holiday decorations.  Allow your imagination to run wild, and you will be amazed at the clever centerpieces you can dream up!

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