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January/February 2013

January/February 2013

Happy New Year! The latest issue of Lifestyles focuses on changes for the New Year.  Dillard’s will be opening in Rayzor Ranch, and Coming of Age: North Texas shows you how to have new meaning this year.

You can read the new issue here.

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Rayzor Ranch Town Center Welcomes New Dillard’s

Rayzor Ranch Town Center Welcomes New Dillard’s

It’s official – Dillard’s is coming to Rayzor Ranch! RED Development a premier developer, owner and operator of retail properties, announced it will bring an all-new Dillard’s department store to Rayzor Ranch Town Center, the new, open-air retail and entertainment destination now under development in Denton.

Dillard’s, being planned as a 126,000 square foot store, is the first anchor department store named for the new project since RED became an owner and assumed the management of the property in 2010. Progress at the adjacent retail property, the 800,000 square foot Rayzor Ranch Marketplace, was significant in 2012: RED announced Kohl’s, Famous Footwear, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store, and Petco, all slated to open in 2013. These retailers will join the property’s already open and successful Sam’s Club and Walmart Supercenter, among other retailers and restaurants.

“We know Denton is ready for a brand-new, modern shopping experience and Dillard’s is very pleased to be the cornerstone of Rayzor Ranch Town Center,” said William Dillard II, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. “The project RED is creating – all open-air with great design and a wonderful experience for shoppers – is exactly where Dillard’s wants to be in this attractive, high-growth market.”

The new Dillard’s is the first of several high-quality anchors in the pipeline for the new Rayzor Ranch Town Center, which is planning a balanced and diverse retail, dining and entertainment lineup.

“Rayzor Ranch Town Center will be an exciting new retail and dining destination for all of Denton – one that will give residents compelling reasons to shop in their own hometown,” said Kendra Hinderland, Managing Vice President of Asset Management for RED and current Texas State Director of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).  “With terrific design, great gathering spaces, lush landscaping and so much more, Rayzor Ranch Town Center also will be a major regional draw.”
Current plans for Rayzor Ranch Town Center call for a 600,000 square foot regional shopping destination at the intersection of I-35 and Hwy 380.  The design vision for the new retail hub offers a fresh interpretation of historic, regional urban architecture – with a nod to Denton’s own heritage – mixed with a hip, decidedly Texas downtown flavor.

Rayzor Ranch Town Center has gained important momentum since RED purchased the property in mid 2010. Dillard’s had been named in early plans for the shopping center; however these plans were shelved in 2008 as retailers and developers retrenched amidst global economic challenges.  RED has injected new energy into the Rayzor Ranch retail developments, and the Dillard’s announcement is the first of many more expected retail names for the Town Center project.

More about Rayzor Ranch
In all, the master-planned community will include retail, residential, office, hotel, medical and entertainment uses in one, cohesive pedestrian-friendly urban village. Rayzor Ranch will offer the largest super-regional retail development between Dallas and Oklahoma City.

About Dillard’s
Dillard’s, Inc. (DDS: NYSE) is one of the nation’s largest fashion apparel, cosmetics and home furnishing retailers. The Company’s stores operate with one name, Dillard’s, and span 29 states. Dillard’s stores offer a broad selection of merchandise, including products sourced and marketed under Dillard’s exclusive brand names.

About RED
A wholly integrated commercial real estate company, RED maximizes asset value and performance for its high-quality retail and mixed-use portfolio that comprises 35 properties totaling more than 17 million square feet in 11 states. RED is a preferred partner for national retailers and investors, as well as for third-party property owners who turn to RED for its expertise in re-merchandising and re-positioning properties to improve profitability and appeal.  A privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, RED builds on its development capabilities and is an active acquirer of existing properties.

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Prevent the Spread

Prevent the Spread

by Cait Landon

Christmas has passed, but it is still “Tis the Season”…just a different kind of season.  This one will make you feel terrible, weak and downright sick.  If you don’t want to be sofa bound,  you better check the yearly list of Do’s and Don’ts to stay healthy.

In today’s workplace, a day off is a real luxury. We all have expectations and to-do lists, so more and more we find that people are choosing not to take time off, even when they are sick with a cold or flu. Recent surveys indicate that the percent of people who go to work sick is topping off in the 80% range this year.  How do you know when you’re too sick to go in or not sick enough to take to the sofa?

From time to time, we have all felt that we need to show up at the job, no matter the content of used tissue and length of time the hacking cough continues.  After all, no one ever seems to do our work when we are away, and dreading the pile of work when we come back can make its own form of sickness. However, when the level of productivity is considered, the possibility of spreading germs to others (thus spreading the illness), and recognizing that your recoup time can be shortened with rest and care, staying home by far wins the argument. No matter where you decide to spend your dreaded days of coughing, aching and sneezing, you need to practice prevent the spread tactics:

• Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow, covering your mouth with clothing, rather than into your hand.
• Wipe down and clean areas. Keep Clorox wipes around and use them frequently
• Wash your hands and do it frequently (Viruses can live on hard surfaces hours after you’re gone.)
• Keep in mind that anti-bacterial gels are a good option when a sink isn’t available, but it is a substitution not a replacement.
• Try to avoid touching your face, which provides a direct path for the germs on your hands to get into your nose and mouth.
• We so often forget to clean our most used items. Germs may also be lurking on things like cell phones, car keys, and billfolds. Give them a wipe with an alcohol pad regularly.

Make a habit and prevent the spread!

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Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart

By Debra K. Owens

It was a day like any other day, errands to run, a two-year old attached to my hip and a doctor’s appointment to find out why I couldn’t shake the nasty respiratory infection that had plagued my lungs for two months. With a diagnosis of asthma, medicines were prescribed and taken. Later that evening, after the baby and the hubby were tucked peacefully in bed, I was the only one unable to relax and sleep. Beads of sweat covered my forehead, I felt out of breath, my hands shook and my pulse thudded along as if I had just completed a Zumba dance class.

An hour later, I had had enough of the jittery sensation and decided to wake my husband. After describing my symptoms, we decided to pack up the baby and head to the ER. Paperwork was filled out and a nurse took my vitals. The look on her face and the action that followed landed me immediately in a hospital gown.

Test results in hand, the doctor revealed that my poor little ticker was tracking along at a rocket rate of two hundred and seventy eight beats per minute. The reason for this anomaly was attributed to a heart arrhythmia known as supra ventricular tachycardia, or more commonly referred to as “SVT.” In other words, the electrical highway in my heart had gone haywire and decided to take a speedy detour onto a very dangerous path. More medicines were prescribed, a change in my lifestyle ordered and eventually surgical intervention via a technique called SVT ablation.

That was twelve years ago, and although I’m grateful that the SVT was corrected, and I didn’t succumb to an acute cardiac arrest from the irregular racing heart problem, I still experience other forms of arrhythmias. Now days when my heart speaks, I listen. And you should too. Maybe you suffer from flutters or discomfort in your chest, palpitations, shortness of breath or other symptoms. These can all be red flags to a serious, but treatable, arrhythmia or early signs of heart disease.

February is American Heart Month and the perfect time to get a heart check-up. Prevention is key when you consider that the number one killer of men and women in the United States is heart disease, including strokes. Amending your diet, adding exercise and cutting out the cigarettes and stress is a good start to a healthier heart. For guidelines and additional facts visit the American Heart Association’s website at  As the saying goes, “The life you save just might be your own.”

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Denton Happenings

Denton Happenings

Thin Line 2013

February 8th -18th

The 6th Annual Thin Line Film Fest is an international documentary film festival held in Denton. For eleven days we screen a diverse program of high quality, relevant documentary films culled from hundreds of submissions. Some films will come straight from their debut at Sundance. Others will have screened everywhere but here; and yet some will be brand new stories from unknown filmmakers.  Do you enjoy a good movie? Then you are qualified to come join the party! Watch one or watch them all.

Champions for Children Gala

February 23rd

The Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County will host the Fourth Annual Champions for Children Gala, at the Circle R Ranch in Flower Mound, 5901 Cross Timbers Road. The CACDC mission is to provide justice and healing to abused children, through a team collaboration of investigation, prosecution, and treatment of the cases. More than 600 people attended the 2012 Gala that raised approximately $125,000. Tickets for the 2013 Gala are $125 in advance and $150 at the door. For more information about the Gala and the CACDC, please contact Stacie Wainscott or Hillary Baden at 972-317-2818, or visit

Computer Crushers Recycling

Second Saturday of each month

Computer Crusher Recycling offers secure computer electronic recycling on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 8am to 2pm at The Cupboard Natural Foods.  Responsible and secure recycling of e-waste, computers, desktop, laptop, CRT, LCD, and other electronic devices–while preserving our earth.  The list of accepted items is extensive and can be checked on line at

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Ask the Energy Expert

Ask the Energy Expert

I noticed that my neighbor put plastic bags over the twirlers on their roof.   Is this something I should do?

Don’t do it!  We often get this question when performing energy audits in the cooler months. Passive turbine vents, or twirlers as they are commonly known, are used to help attic air circulation. They are installed on home rooftops and spin as the wind blows through them. This causes the hot air to vent out of the attic while allowing cool air to flow in through the soffit and/or gable vents (vents that are installed in the eave of your roof).

Putting a plastic bag over the turbines stops the air circulation in the attic. By not allowing the wind to spin the passive turbine vents, the air in the attic becomes stagnant. Some think that by doing this they will be giving their home that extra bit of insulation to keep it warm during the winter; but it’s a bad idea.

Water vapor from the conditioned area of the home may drift into the attic space, especially if the dryer vent does not clear all the way to the outside. If the water vapor is not quickly exhausted out of the attic, it will condense on the framing surfaces. Sometimes frost can form, if the temperatures drops low enough. This could lead to wood rot and mold growth.

To avoid moisture issues, leave those turbines alone and maintain air flow in the attic throughout the year!

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