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Accent Furniture

Accent Furniture
by Jennifer Staggs-Manley, Interior Decorator,
Decorating Den Interiors

Although a supporting player for years, accent furniture has recently taken spotlight status as the star in home décor.  Certainly, it still serves the purpose of providing interest in an already functional room, but more often these days designers are using accent furniture for all their furniture needs.

Gone are the days of the matching furniture suites.  In fact, the seeming consensus holds that the matching suite of furniture is a somewhat dull design option.  Intriguing designs in a wide range of prices make accent furnishings the perfect choice for those homeowners seeking a change.

If you usually play it safe by having everything match, now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and dare to be eclectic.  In the living room, if you have matching tables, chairs and lamps – divide and conquer.  Remove one or two of your wood tables and replace with a glass-topped, iron-based table.  Add a single ottoman or a chair covered in a dramatic animal print.  Eliminate one of a pair of table lamps and substitute with a stately floor lamp.  If all your upholstered furniture sports the same fabric, break the monotony by recovering one or two pieces.

When stuck with a suite of bedroom furniture, you can make a striking difference by changing the bed.  Introduce a sumptuous padded headboard or an impressive iron canopy bed.  Break the set of night tables and replace one with a rectangular skirted table, a round-tiered table, or a painted chest.

In your dining room, replace the two end chairs with fully upholstered ones that are of a different style and color than the side chairs.  Or eliminate the chine cabinet and replace it with a beautifully printed buffet and a grand mirror.

Conveniently, with the addition of today’s array of unique accent pieces, you can work around many of your existing furnishings to spice up your home’s décor.

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